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How do you fit the Clothes Rail top rail?

You may find that when you are assembling your new Clothes Rail, after you have pushed the two side bars into the base unit they stick out at an angle and it will look like the top bar isn’t going to fit; this is normal and we promise it will!. Attac

How do you fit the Clothes Rail Centre Rail?

To fit the centre rail of your 2-Tier Clothes Rail, follow our Clothes Rail Assembly Guide. Or for troubleshooting and FAQs, as well as assembly instructions, see Clothes Rails: How to Use Centre Bars & Height Extensions.

How do I fit the castor wheels onto Clothes Rails?

A common question that comes up is how to fit the castor wheels to our Clothes Rails. You need to put the grommets into the legs before attached the wheels. Important: If you push the grommets onto the wheels first, you may not be able to push them i

How do you join Chrome Wire Shelving units together?

Our Chrome Wire Shelving Units are a versatile and modular system, meaning you can join shelving units together for displays and storage that will complement any shop, office, restaurant or kitchen. Shelf Joining Brackets (or N-hooks) allow you to cr