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How do you join Chrome Wire Shelving units together?Updated 6 months ago

Our Chrome Wire Shelving Units are a versatile and modular system, meaning you can join shelving units together for displays and storage that will complement any shop, office, restaurant or kitchen.

Shelf Joining Brackets (or N-hooks) allow you to create a run of shelving, by keeping each unit joined together. Simply assembly multiple units and attach the joining brackets in between each unit.

These brackets are discreet and securely slip into place. Specifically designed for our Chrome Wire Shelving and ideal for retail and storeroom shelving. There are no tools required for simple and quick fitting.

If you are looking for a more secure solution, for warehouses and storerooms, then we recommend Post Clamps*. These clamps are specifically designed for our Chrome Wire Shelving and securely screw into place to give a more rigid fixing, keeping units securely in place and aligned.

Whichever option you choose, we recommend using four brackets or clamps; two for the top and two for the bottom.

* Please note that the Post Clamps are not suitable for use with our 'Light-Duty Chrome Wire Shelving' (Product Codes: 0380701 and 0380711), for which you will need to use the Shelf Joining Brackets option instead.

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